The Most Versatile Stairlifts on the Market!!

We are proud suppliers of some of the highest quality stairlifts available. Our specialist Flow2 lifts boast the capabilities of being able to function in narrower gaps than any other manufacturer. We offer a selection of indoor or outdoor lifts, from straight staircases to the trickiest of curves.


Flow 2 Curved/ Narrow Stairwells

These hand built to order stairlifts are designed around your staircase. They allow for controlled and smooth journeys both up and down the stairs. Boasting capabilities of functioning in narrower gaps than any other manufacturer, there are not many places that we cannot fit one for you!

HomeGlide - Straight Stairwells

If you have a straight staircase, then these simple but robust and reliable Stairlifts would be ideal for you.
You can even get a hinged bottom section in order to avoid taking up space or blocking doorways.

HomeGlide - Hinge.jpg

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