Freedom Mobility Team

Dominic Goldsmith

Managing Director

Dominic is a hands on, lead by example, captain of this ever growing ship!! He has a very deep knowledge of the Mobility Industry and prides himself on his passion to always learn and develop his knowledge. This friendly giant is always on hand to assist you in all of your needs. Making sure that the impossible really is just an opinion!!

Scott Smith

Sales and Marketing Director

Scott has been a part of the Freedom Mobility family from the start, and plays a vital role in making sure our clients receive top-notch service and leave the store with a satisfactory shopping experience. With years of experience in a whole range of aches, pains and disability requirements, he is sure to steer you in the right direction for what you will need to become independent once more!

Jake Bush

Workshop Manager

Having spent years in the Mobility Engineering trade there are not many things that Jake has not experienced or seen before, He will always give a full and honest summary of things that are needed to make your freedom more enjoyable. Please feel free to ask him any questions if you are unsure of anything.